Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage American Kitchen

Why Vintage?

Modern civilizations pride themselves on the new "food technologies" of genetically modified organisms, adding hormones, CAFOs, etc. But, we are working against nature. Our progression in "food technology" has actually become a regression in human life and health of the planet.

So, maybe in this case, our progression will come in regression - going back to what has worked for millennia - hunting, gathering, naturally growing and butchering our food within our local communities.

We are all familiar with the movements against this that have come from inspiring books and films, such as Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation. Those crucial influences have educated us on the dangers of the direction our foodsystems have been going in. But what can we do? How do we reverse it?

Vintage American Kitchen is a resource to show average Americans how to live sustainably, eat locally, organically and independently - the way we used to 150+ years ago.

I'm going to show you everything from making your own cheese and charcuterie, to preserving methods, to how to connect with local farmers. Make this your one-stop information guide for all the skills and resources to equip you to become the change you want to see!

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